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dropping odds
  • Betting is a game that is full of fun and yield high return to those who know the secrets of the most rewarding tips behind it. I have heard a lot of people complain after the match is done, “How could I have been so blind to put my money on this?”. If you fall among this majority then don’t you worry because today I have the most definite, proof checked tips that have always worked for most famous gamblers? Are you ready to learn these betting tips? You can make notes if you like, but hey!

  • You can thank me later. Here are the free betting tips that will see you to the top list betting, ever heard of odds? Don’t worry because you are not alone for after these few tips am going to make you a dropping odds genius.

  • Tips 1 - Stay on the budget If you want to make it to the top, don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose. Stay on the budget no matter how attractive the bets are promising. Earn small and live to fight another day.

  • Tips 2 - Analyze the games Always remember to do a research on a game before you even think of putting that hard earned cash into that pot, avoid the term “I wish” build a strong foundation based on research and stick to it. Remember always try as much to Handicap the situation not the game.

  • Tips 3 - Confidences I don’t know why I do advice people on this point, until a friend of mine after a tough match came to me an uttered to me the word “thank you”. He had won a match based on confidence and it really intrigued me how easy something’s can sometimes be. Trust me this is a point you don’t want to ignore.

  • Tips 4 - Jersey color This point to me at first looked absurd, choosing a bet based on jersey color? Who does that? This was a question I also asked myself the same question until one day I tried it on a game I wasn’t so sure about its outcome and it worked, betting is a gamble anyway.

  • Green home win, light green home win or draw, light red away win or draw and red color my friend is away, huh? These four tips are aimed to help you achieve that dream you have been dying to achieve in the betting industry. Just before I forget, remember I told you I can help you be a dropping odds genius?

  • I am going to present to you some of the dropping odds which if you apply the above tips will advance you knowledge in the betting industry, ever had of dropping odds? If your answer is No then today is your lucky day, otherwise I believe the information am about to share with you is will help you make wise decisions based on the above tips, Are ready to outshine the rest? Trust me you won’t regret getting this article. My roommates and I were passing time playing Ps after placing some bets on a basketball match that was already rolling. After what seemed like half an hour since the game start, a buddy of mine walked in the room and shouted, odds are dropping guys

  • At first I thought he called a name of somebody but after seeing the looks on the faces of the other guys, I asked timidly and very innocent, “what’s dropping odds?” the answer that came back to me from one of them, made me look so stupid, come on, this is 21st century, who doesn’t know what dropping odds are? They laughed making it sound so mocking, Trust me I didn’t. Today am going to help you also understand what Dropping odds are and how you make a right choice based on the tips above when it comes to placing bets, Dropping odds as it suggest is a term used in games, mostly to help betters understand the situation of the game. There are two types of odds, rising and dropping odds which really help gamblers take advantage of the situations of the game by playing with probability of the two events which are winning and losing. Suppose we have two teams say K and L.

  • If for example you chose to place your bet on team K with the hopes that it is going to win, then all of a sudden odds drop on the opposite team. You ought to simulate you thinking by looking into details whether you missed a point based on your selection you are free to use the tips I provided. This is because given the chance that the two teams were allocated some points say 6 for K and 5 for L which means K is the favorite or most liked and L being the underdog or loser group, then if odds drop, it will mean everybody is betting underdog which in turn lowers that of the favorites. If a gambler therefore notes this that perhaps team k will be favored in the odds by say 5, then a good gambler will or can predict that K might be favored by 6.

  • Then if the odds drop he or she can place a bet that will yield high returns in the long run. Therefore this calls for a valid choice and ability to overcome blind following just because people are putting bets on the opponents’ pot.

  • I therefore hope that next time when you walk into a game match, you won’t get confused about what dropping odds are and just in case you want to make money stick to your choice and do not be waived. Remember odds dropping are a point of taking advantage of the situation and like I said the result is based on the long run and that doesn’t mean you definitely will win but the higher probability lies on it. until next time, good luck.

Dropping Odds - 25.01.2022

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