Free Betting Tips

Free betting tips

If you are betting then this is the place where you can find all the informations about free betting tips and sports betting, informations that may help you to win some signifiant amounts if we talk about long-term.

These betting tips are free for players like you and the tips that you will find here are recommended by professional tipsters with a great experience behind them. We recommend a prediction only after we make a good review for every single match and we do not neglect even the smallest details, putting together any information that we have or that we receive.

It is something very normal that nobody can win everytime so there will be few lost bets as well. That’s why we recommend you to listen to your inspiration and it is your decision to choose a bet from our predictions. If you do not trust a bet, then the best option is to keep your money and do not risk on something that you do not trust, waiting for another prediction.

Another important thing is that you should try the predictions at the bookmakers that we recommend, because we take the odds from the best offer every single day. Gambling in the sports arena is almost allowed, so long as it’s done within the recognized parameters. There are professional gambling sites set apart for sports only.

Sport Betting

Sport betting is the act of predicting the outcome of a competitive activity, sports in this case, and putting a wager on it. There are various types of sports betting available, these are:

  • Fantasy Sports Betting

As the name suggests, this is betting on a sport, game or team that is nonexistent. This is basically a form of sport betting that capitalizes on one’s knowledge of the sport with the additional perk of gaining some money. The idea is to create a fantasy team with players from different teams and pitch them against other fantasy teams with the winner between the two gaining money for the owner of the fantasy team.

  • Exchange Betting

This is betting at its most contemporary but instead of placing your bets with a bookmaker, the bet is placed directly against the person betting against you. This form of betting is becoming popular as it tends to eliminate any third party.

  • Live betting

This is the most known way of betting though in some states it is illegal to bet in college or high school games no matter how competitive they are. This is where wagers are put while the game is still on, and it provides a huge array of options like one could bet on the final outcome, the scorer of the next point, the score difference amongst other options.

  • Spread Betting

This is normally where the wager is not fixed on an outcome but a string of events and one’s ability to predict their happenings

Betting Tips

Successful betting is equal to gaining money and in order to bet and bet well one has to be familiar with the betting word and how it works. Sport betting is very popular as a source of quick money, but it is not without its risks.It offers the excitement as there are now stakes on a game and winning or losing is more than just a participatory event by the players. Here are a few tips on how to make your betting experience better and heighten your chances of winning.

  1. Be disciplined

It’s important to know why you are betting. People bet because of various reasons: for fun because their favorite team is playing and they just want to feel like part of the team, as an opportunity to gain an extra buck. So it important to know why you are betting and being disciplined enough not to be pulled into another person ‘s world.

  1. Bet within your limits

Not all people who bet are equal as others have deeper pockets than others, and the worst mistake is to try and out-bet someone without knowing how much they have. Always know how much you are comfortable losing in a bet and don’t be sucked into another person’s betting way.

  1. Find a niche to focus on

There are many sports and different levels within any sport, so if its betting, it is always advisable to find a particular level where one is comfortable into a bet. Fitting within a particular level helps one to know better the participants and hence be able to decide his odds.

  1. Research on your odds

Betting is a game of whose odds are the best. Unless you have an unlimited supply of cash to bet on, accessing your odds is paramount before placing your bet. Knowing the participants well enough will help in ascertaining one’s odds.

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Daily Betting Tips - 24-01-2019

Ticket made by Ticket created by TIPS on Thursday, 24 January, 2019. Posted in Daily Ticket - Daily tickets bets

Time Sport Competition Teams Tips Odds Bet to Select
00:30SoccerBrazilian PernambucanoFlamengo De Arcoverde PE - Santa CruzX21.26Unibet
00:30SoccerBrazilian CearenseUniclinic - Iguatu CE1X1.20William Hill
01:00SoccerCopa MXZacatepec - Gallos Blancos Queretaro121.33StanJames
01:00SoccerCopa MXAlebrijes De Oaxaca - Cruz AzulX21.24William Hill
02:05SoccerCosta Rica Primera DivisionGuadalupe - Santos de Guapiles121.34Bet365
03:00SoccerCopa MXMonarcas Morelia - CorrecaminosOver 1.51.26William Hill
08:30SoccerClub FriendliesChemnitz - GrasshopperX21.19Coral
08:30SoccerAustralian W-LeagueWestern Sydney Wanderers W - Perth Glory W.21.53William Hill
12:30SoccerEgypt Premier LeaguePetrojet - Ismaily SC121.40StanJames
13:00SoccerClub FriendliesHajduk Split - Ujpest1X1.25William Hill
13:30SoccerItalian Lega Pro Girone ANovara - ArzachenaOver 1.51.33Unibet
15:00SoccerClub FriendliesSuduva Marijampole - Wigry SuwalkiOver 1.51.23Unibet
15:00SoccerEgypt Premier LeagueMisr Lel Makasa - AlX21.23Unibet
15:15SoccerGreek CupOFI Crete - Ergotelis1X1.13William Hill
16:00SoccerAFC Asian CupChina - Iran21.47William Hill
17:30SoccerGreek CupPanathinaikos - LamiaOver 1.51.44StanJames
18:00SoccerEgypt Premier LeagueZamalek - Pyramids1X1.24Coral
18:30SoccerClub FriendliesCologne II - 1. FC MonheimOver 1.51.14Unibet
19:00SoccerClub FriendliesGzira United FC - Slovan Bratislava21.29Bet-at-home
19:30SoccerBrazilian PaulistaMirassol - Red Bull Brasil SP121.39StanJames
19:30SoccerGibraltar Premier DivisionGlacis United - Lions GibraltarOver 1.51.20Bet365
19:45SoccerEnglish League CupChelsea - Tottenham1X1.22William Hill
19:45SoccerBelgian CupGent - OostendeOver 1.51.20StanJames
19:45SoccerDutch CupAjax - HeerenveenOver 2.51.21Bet-at-home
20:00SoccerFrench CupAmiens - Lyon21.75Bet365
20:10SoccerCONMEBOL U20Peru U20 - Ecuador U20X21.26William Hill
20:30SoccerSpanish Copa del ReyReal Madrid - GironaOver 1.51.16Unibet
21:00SoccerBrazilian MineiroAmerica Mineiro - Villa NovaOver 1.51.30Bet-at-home
21:00SoccerEl Salvador PrimeraCD Audaz - Luis Angel FirpoOver 1.51.28Bet365
22:15SoccerParaguayan P.DivisionSportivo Luqueño - General Diaz121.34StanJames
22:30SoccerBrazilian GoianoGoias - Novo Horizonte FC11.23Bet-at-home
23:00SoccerBrazilian PaulistaNovorizontino SP - Sao Paulo SPX21.23StanJames
23:00SoccerBrazilian PotiguarAmerica RN - PalmeiraOver 1.51.22StanJames
23:00SoccerBrazilian CearenseBarbalha CE - Floresta CE121.35Bet-at-home
23:15SoccerBrazilian GauchoInternacional RS - EC Pelotas RS11.35William Hill
23:30SoccerBrazilian CariocaAmericano RJ - FluminenseX21.25Unibet
23:45SoccerCONMEBOL U20Uruguay U20 - Argentina U20121.30StanJames
08:00TennisSharm El Sheikh ITFMayar Sherif - Mariana Drazic11.51Bet-at-home
10:30TennisITF W15 ManacorKatharina Hering - Rina Saigo11.64Bet-at-home
17:30TennisITF M15 AntalyaMaxime Hamou - Tomas Vanko11.03William Hill
23:00TennisBurnie Challenger DoublesPurcell M / Saville L - Banes M / Bourchier H11.32Bet-at-home

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